For over 20 years TUUCI has been creating the most innovative, unique and stylish shade platforms in the industry. Founded with a passion by Dougan Clarke, TUUCI was born from the marine industry. This means every single parasol, lounge and cabana we create has been meticulously engineered to perform without question, in any environment. Beyond simply performing, they also turn heads as TUUCI products are built with an unparalleled sense of style and design not seen anywhere else in the world.

Treasure Garden

Since 1984, Treasure Garden has built a reputation of leadership by producing top quality, custom-made, handcrafted umbrellas. Combining advanced technology with the latest color and fabric trends, we continue to enhance our products and their performance every year. We are committed to providing the largest and most innovative selection of shade solutions to suit all your needs and include umbrella lighting and furniture cover protection.
Our founder, Oliver Ma began his manufacturing experience at an early age by apprenticing and mastering the craft of umbrella construction. His uncompromising attention to detail and strong work ethic laid the groundwork for the successful formation of Treasure Garden.

Shadescapes Americas

Creating inviting outdoor spaces brings people together. From restaurants and resorts to museums and botanical gardens, municipalities and medical centers to universities and country clubs, shopping centers and theme parks to home communities and private homes – take a look at how design professionals, discriminating businesses and homeowners are incorporating ShadeScapes products into their projects.

Pop-up Canopy


E-Z UP Instant Shelters
E-Z UP Instant Shelters are known worldwide for their commitment to building quality products suitable for branding your business, or for relaxing just about anywhere.



The process of producing Bambrella® umbrellas starts with the careful selection of the bamboo. After years of research and rigorous testing we found Moso bamboo to be the only species of bamboo suitable for outdoor use. The characteristic of Moso bamboo, that which sets it apart from over a thousand other species of bamboo, is the size of its fiber strands. These strands, which are smaller and more tightly condensed than other species, are similar to the structures found in fine grained hardwoods like teak. We had found other bamboos with larger strands that were not so tightly condensed; these were more like softwoods, as the fibers/strands would peel individually, as well as be more susceptible to mold and mildew.