Rich History Since 1953
Homecrest combines a rich history of quality and classic design with today’s demand for affordable luxury and versatile living. Homecrest’s focus has broadened to encompass the increasing demands of sophisticated, style-driven consumers seeking to complement their homes’ interior designs and create a seamless flow between indoors and out. Homecrest is poised to build its future on consumer and contract needs, innovative new products and global opportunities

3 Birds Casual

Three Birds Casual is a family owned business founded by brothers-in-law Victor Lewis (CEO) and Tad Varga (President) in 1999.

Three Birds Casual specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of premium grade fine casual living products. Our teak casual furniture is the choice among retailers, designers, and architects who desire to offer their clients select quality with exceptional value.

Teak has been well known for centuries for its quality, durability and beauty. Teak is a very hard, densely grained wood with a high oil content. The unique combination of these characteristics makes teak naturally resistant to moisture, rot, warping, shrinking, splintering, insects, fungus, marine bores, and termites, making it the ideal material for the creation of outdoor furniture.

Patio Renaissance

Aluminum is one of the few metals that can be used to produce outdoor furniture,which requires resistance to natural elements,such as: sun light,rain and air-borne contaminants.Only the finest commercial grade of extruded aluminum tubes and strips are used to construct our frames.The minimum gauge of our structural tubes is .oo63. On some items with longer spans or destined for commercial use,such as contract chaises etc.,double or even triple gauge tubes are used to reinforce the structure.

At Patio Renaissance we recognize the need to ensure a certain quality to our product. Because of this we never sacrifice quality for cost .We source the finest quality metals, fibers,fabric and powder coating chemicals and almost the entire production process from shaping aluminum tubes to powder coating and inspection are contained within our own facilities. Our wicker is made of the finest quality virgin polyethylene pellets supplied by Exxon Mobil,BP and Formosa Plastics. Polyethylene is mixed with UV stabilizers and anti-aging compound for added protection against the elements. Using an artificial weave grants us an increased lifespan for our products and gives us greater flexibility in color and textures.All of our weaves are made in a high heat extrusion process which allows us to pick and choose our of a large selection of different color dyes and texture finishes leading to the innovative and beautiful products available for purchase today.

Kingsley Bate

British craftsmen of the 18th-century discovered what their Eastern counterparts had known for centuries, that teak has qualities unlike any other wood. Its abilities to withstand the rigors of adverse climate, yet weather attractively, make it the ideal choice for exterior furnishings. We use only premium quality teak and precise mortise and tenon joinery in the construction of our furniture. And while our reputation was founded on teak, our furniture designs have expanded to incorporate the finest stainless steel and all-weather wicker as well. This combination of quality material and craftsmanship provides you with exterior furnishings of exceptional style and durability.


28 years is not a long time in most businesses. In ours, though, it’s practically forever.That’s because, simply put, there was no woven outdoor furniture industry before DEDON came along.

The first to weave synthetic fiber into luxury outdoor designs, the first to place an absolute premium on quality, the first to become a truly global brand setting the standard for woven outdoor furniture since its founding in 1990.

Ego Paris


Sublimate a place, accentuate an atmosphere, reveal a personality …
Color is a language without codes or boundaries.
Thus EGO Paris furnishes the outdoor and indoor spaces of hotels and villas around the world.
Discover a selection of our most beautiful projects and see how they were able to express their desires and take ownership of the EGO Paris furniture.

Elizabeth and Grace

Elizabeth+Grace is a family-owned manufacturer of luxury outdoor furniture. We are positioned in the transitional to contemporary end of the design spectrum, using the highest quality materials to create beautiful hand-crafted pieces that will enhance outdoor environments for generations.

Our designers work with a variety of media, with a primary focus on resin wicker, all-weather aluminum, natural teak and rope. We offer a complete line of outdoor tables and fire tables in a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials.

Harmonia Living

Harmonia Living is an owner-operated full line furniture company based in San Diego, California. The concept for Harmonia Living was originally born out of frustration with the outdoor furniture industry which is overrun by either stylish, high-end patio brands that are too expensive for any person to reasonably afford or on the flip side cheap brands focused on constructing furniture in the flimsiest ways possible to lower prices. Where is the middle ground? Harmonia Living.

We now offer some of the most desired and acclaimed hand-made beds and bedroom sets, entertainment centers, consoles, and much more – all currently available online and in select showrooms. Our indoor furniture is handmade whenever possible from the highest- quality ingredients including sustainably-farmed and responsibly- sourced mahogany, teak, and mindi wood. Harmonia Living furniture items are simple to assemble and will instantly upgrade your living space without draining your wallet. Check out our indoor furniture collections today.

Zuo Modern

Zuo makes fashionable furniture affordable to any demographic. More than ever, Zuo wants to offer our customers bold looks that fit any application; dining & bar, living or bed rooms. We offer furniture for homes to offices, restaurants or other commercial spaces, hotels or resorts or anything in between.


Precise mix of technology, style, quality, comfort, material design, and cost.
For more than 50 years, Sifas has evolved and enhanced its design concepts, production techniques, and material choices; always balancing quality and comfort to produce collections that endure all kinds of weather and time.
For 2016 we continue to innovate, with intelligent designs that improve production techniques to reduce cost.


Beautiful, functional, and for the most part, made from sustainable materials.
The CEO of Cain-Line, Brian Djernes, wrote the following in the forward of his 2016 catalog:
Comfort: He personally guarantees you will be extremely satisfied with the comfort of your Cain-Line Furniture. Designed to fit your body perfectly, and you will love it for years to come.
Mix and Match: Every piece of Cane-Line furniture is designed to fit well with each other , so that you can be inspired to create your own personal, outdoor space.
Social Responsibility: Cain-Line personally makes sure that all products are manufactured with the greatest care for our environment and the well-being of people.

Skyline Design

Created using only the finest materials, and made to the specifications of interior furniture.Incorporating innovative design, lasting quality and customer service as the cornerstone of its international brand. Come see why resorts have integrated Skyline Design into their outdoor patio environments.