Wrought Iron

Paragon Casual

Paragon Casual was founded in 2010 in Houston, TX by a few industry veterans with over 30 years of combined experience in the outdoor furniture industry. In starting the business, the founders felt there was an intriguing opportunity to meet consumer demands for high quality castings paired with elegant statement designs. This included the desire to create attractive multi-material furniture items all capable of weathering a variety of outdoor climates.


Zuo Modern

Zuo makes fashionable furniture affordable to any demographic. More than ever, Zuo wants to offer our customers bold looks that fit any application; dining & bar, living or bed rooms. We offer furniture for homes to offices, restaurants or other commercial spaces, hotels or resorts or anything in between.


Do you desire modern and sophisticated European furniture and accessories? Look no further, VonDom satisfies these needs and much, much more. You can now have artist inspired collections that are only available by internet or travel to a major market hundreds of away, and then you pay for shipping as well? Only Courtyard Elegance brings VonDom to the Treasure Valley.

Indoor Furniture

Harmonia Living

Harmonia Living is an owner-operated full line furniture company based in San Diego, California. The concept for Harmonia Living was originally born out of frustration with the outdoor furniture industry which is overrun by either stylish, high-end patio brands that are too expensive for any person to reasonably afford or on the flip side cheap brands focused on constructing furniture in the flimsiest ways possible to lower prices. Where is the middle ground? Harmonia Living.

Warehouse 2120

Do you want a truly unique and functional piece for your decor? Your friends and guests will surely comment.
” Our journey begins in Bali, where brightly colored fishing boats are a common and necessary part of life. Traditionally, when these colorful boats become unseaworthy, they are simply burned as firewood. Our supplier steps in to save this exceptional wood to be recreated and redefined into furniture with a unique finish and patina. ”